Submitting your own photos

This is a photo gallery for all Acquire customers, showing our Acquire wigs on your dolls.

If you’d like to submit your own photos, please email them to SephXIII at: (remove the underscores).

Information required:
+ Style and size of wig
+ Name of model and type of doll/dollmake
+ Name of owner
+ Link to gallery online or website (if available)

+ Comments: you can add add comments regarding the wigs and how well they fit on their respective models

All pictures will belong to their rightful owners and you’re to submit photos of your own dolls only. By submitting photos, you grant Acquire (and SephXIII) the right to use the photos in the Acquire website.

Please be aware that any misspelling or incorrect information is regretted. You can always email us or reply to the posts to correct any errors. ^_^

Thank you, as always!

Seph @ Acquire

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