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Current preorder period:
01 - 08 June 2009

How do I preorder??

1. Make sure you are in time for the preorder!
2. Take a look at the items on the site.
3. Click on "Preorder now!!". Or click here.
4. Fill in the form with your details and your preorder.
5. Send the form and await a reply.

If the order form wasn't sent successfully, you can email your preorder to:

Please join our mailing list if you would like to be informed when the preorder periods begin.

What happens after I preorder?

You will be sent an invoice within 5 days of sending your preorder. The invoice will include the total cost of your items (and possibly the estimated shipping costs). For shipping details, please click here. If you do not get a reply within 5 days, please contact us with the details of your preorder or resend your preorder.

If your preorder invoice is correct and you would like to confirm your preorder, please send a deposit within 7 days of receiving the invoice. For payment methods, click here. If your payment is not received after 7 days, your preorder invoice will be cancelled.

How do I pay for my preorder?
There are two ways to pay for your preorders. You can pay in full to ensure shipping as soon as the items are ready. Or you can pay a 50% deposit and pay the rest of the balance when the items are ready.

Please take note that cancellations of paid preorders will only be entitled to a 50% refund, and that deposits are non-refundable if you decide to cancel your preorder.

When will preorders be shipped?
All preorders are made after the preorder period, and all items will be ready for shipping within two or three months' time from the end of the preorder period. Recently, preorders have been completed roughly around three months after the preorder period ends, and sometimes just a bit longer.

If the preorder period ends on 9th May, and you've paid for your items, you will be sent an email regarding the shipping of your items between 9th June to 9th July. Those who have paid deposits will be sent another invoice and items will be sent once the rest of the payment has been received.

When will items be received after they are shipped?
Items sent by registered airmail will take between one to two weeks to reach their destinations--depending on the postal services efficiency. Items sent by EMS will take less than a week to reach their destinations.

If at any time you have any concerns regarding your preorders, please contact us.


Please feel free to contact us if you have other questions.

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